Carteret County Wildlife Club

Since the 1950's

Conservation, Education and Recreation is the motto of the Carteret County Wildlife Club, and many ongoing activities reflect this commitment

The Carteret County Wildlife Club is one of the oldest wildlife clubs in continual operation in North Carolina. When the Club organized in the 1950's members were largely interested in shooting and fishing activities. Since then the Wildlife Club has expanded its interests into regional environmental issues, canoeing, hiking, trail blazing, and regular monthly meeting. All activities are open to the public.

In 1975 the Wildlife Club was awarded the Governor's Award for NCWF Conservation Organization of the Year. In 2003 the Club received the prestigious U.S. Forest Service Director's Senior, Youth, and Volunteer Programs, Outstanding Volunteer Service Award.

The Carteret County Wildlife Club has been an affiliate of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation (NCWF) for many years.

Carteret County Wildlife Club
PO Box 1123
Moreheac City, NC 28557-1123

Contributions are deductible

Charitable Organization
350: Preservation of natural resources (conservation)
355: Wildlife sanctuary or refuge
379: Other conservation, environmental or beautification activities

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