Carteret County Wildlife Club

Shelters on the Neusiok Trail

Good news! The two ruined shelters have been replaced and a third is on the way.

In February and March 1998 the Carteret County Wildlife Club constructed two shelters for hikers on the Neusiok Trail in the Croatan National Forest.

1998 shelter at Copperhead 

The Club's subcommittee on "Nails, Hammers and Slightly Smashed Thumbs" designed and constructed the shelters in Gene Huntman's backyard, then each was partially dismantled. More Club members helped transport the materials to site for final construction.

By agreement with the U.S. Forest Service the first shelter, christened "Copperhead Landing" was built halfway between the trailhead at Pinecliff and Highway 306, on high ground above Cahoogue Creek. The second shelter was constructed at about the half-way point on the trail, between Highway 101 and Billfinger Road.

Gene Huntsman, President at the time, commented that, "These trail shelters are another physical monument to our productivity, to our ability to work together and in concert with a public agency. We have made a valuable contribution to outdoor recreation in our community."

Both shelters were destroyed in 2001-2002 during the course of prescribed burns in the National Forest. Personnel from the Croatan National Forest rebuilt the structures in March 2002 so they are once again available for hikers. A third shelter will be established after an environmental assessment is completed and the site approved.

Note...the third shelter has been built and is known as Blackjack Lodge and is located 0.75 miles north of Mill Creek Rd. The second shelter is Dogwood Camp and is located 0.75 miles south of Hwy 101.